September 18, 2023
TLH in Rising Market Environments

Traditional tax-loss harvesting can be effective at the inception of an account, leaving winners in the portfolio to continue climbing and s

October 4, 2021
A common sense approach to risk management

A tax-loss harvesting strategy that applies a modest long/short extension may offer some key advantages over more traditional long-only appr

Risk Management
June 10, 2021
Quantifying the tax-loss harvesting benefit under the Biden tax plan, Part III

The Biden administration has proposed some of the most significant federal tax increases since 1993, mostly focusing on capital gains (as th

May 25, 2021
Tax-loss harvesting: Decomposing sources of tax benefits, Part II

In this next installment of our series on tax-loss harvesting, we explore three sources of tax-loss harvesting benefits in greater detail, f

May 24, 2021
Tax-loss harvesting: More than just deferral, Part I

Tax-loss harvesting strategies are often thought of as a deferral strategy with investors utilizing tax benefits in the short-term only to h

April 28, 2021
A new conceptual framework for tax-loss harvesting with long/short extension

In a portfolio context, an investor does not need to lose any economic value to claim tax losses. This is the result of two elements—the fir

April 27, 2021
The Long and Short of It – The next evolution of tax-loss harvesting

Recent headlines regarding potential capital gain tax increases targeted at the nation’s wealthiest investors have led to an increased focus


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