Welcome to the next evolution of tax-loss harvesting

By using a long/short extension in managed accounts, Quantinno helps transform conventional tax management strategies into more dynamic, tailored solutions.

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Improve Legacy Tax-Loss Harvesting

Traditional tax-loss harvesting strategies may run out of tax benefit, potentially leading to higher levels of risk and higher fees for index-tracking portfolios. DEALS Core not only builds tax-efficient core equity portfolios—it may recharge tax benefits from long-only tax loss harvesting strategies that have become “stuck”.

Key Features
Who Could Benefit from DEALS Core?
Core Equity Holdings

DEALS Exchange

Diversify Concentrated Stocks

If a few highly appreciated assets makes up a significant part of your portfolio, selling out of the position may incur a significant tax cost. DEALS Exchange systemically transitions clients from a concentrated portfolio to a diversified one in a tax-efficient manner—all within your managed account.

Key Features
Who Could Benefit from DEALS Exchange?
Low Basis
Diversified Core

DEALS Overlay

Make Existing Assets More Productive

Legacy portfolios with highly appreciated holdings can stifle creative portfolio design. DEALS Overlay allows clients to hold onto existing assets while introducing the ability to generate tax benefits to help enhance after-tax wealth.

Key Features
Who Could Benefit from DEALS Overlay?
Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, ETFs