Solving the key challenges of taxable investors

Quantinno offers personalized long/short managed account solutions to help maximize the after-tax wealth of clients.

Welcome to the next evolution of tax-loss harvesting

Improve Legacy Tax-Loss Harvesting

DEALS Core not only builds tax-efficient core equity portfolios—it may recharge tax benefits from long-only tax loss harvesting strategies that have become “stuck”.

Diversify Concentrated Stocks

DEALS Exchange transitions clients from a concentrated portfolio to a diversified one in a tax-efficient manner—all within your managed account.

Make Existing Assets More Productive

DEALS Overlay allows clients to hold onto existing assets while introducing the ability to generate tax benefits to help enhance after-tax wealth.

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Ph.D., CFA

Hoon has spent his career innovating at the intersection of tax, portfolio management, and equity research.

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Harnessing the power of systematic investing

Quantinno is the pioneer in long/short equity tax-loss harvesting in Managed Accounts.

We manage $5B+ in assets across 1,000+ accounts.

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